With Kindness

Image of With Kindness

Ludum Dare 32 came and went and I managed to throw together a little minigame.  I’m getting a little more efficient and my entire build process is starting to mature quite a bit for these jams.

The theme for this Ludum Dare was ‘Unconventional Weapon’, so what better than to hug aliens to death? I came across a few other games with similar mechanics, so while it wasn’t the most unique idea it was a fun little game to build in a weekend.

All the graphics and code are original and built during the compo. I used Phaser.js once again, that framework just gets better and better every day.

It’s missing audio and in-game instructions. I was pressed for time near the end (as just about everyone that ever participates in a game jam), so maybe someday I’ll return and polish a few things.

You can play the game here: With Kindness

Instructions: WASD or Arrow keys to move around, F key to initiate hug, continue pressing F to hug even harder!

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